Tips To Get Started With Custom Software Development

Alias Custom Software Development (CSD)

Custom Software Development vs. commercial off-the-shelf software

Custom Software Development vs. General Software Development

  • Customizing Applications — Curating custom off-the-shelf applications to suit individual requirements.
  • Modernizing Applications — Maintaining the viability of business according to market demands.
  • Managing Applications — Making software more effective and efficient by implementing installation, updating, optimizing, and performance and service desk functions.

What is the need for Custom Software Development?

Why is Custom Software Development important?

  • Custom Software Development is important as it helps meet organizations (or individuals’) unique requirements at a competitive price. The cost to create a custom software comes out to be less than the cost to purchase, maintain, and modify custom off-the-shelf software (COTS).
  • Custom-built software applications do exactly what they are meant for. They are preferment and efficient.
  • Custom Software Development grows with the organization.
  • It is very well integrated with the processes, aligned with every step and incorporates factors.
  • It lets designers, and developers assess and justify their future needs as part of the requirement gathering process. Therefore, it does not include the incurring costs of purchasing licenses, and subscriptions to packaged applications.
  • Can CSD work with legacy software? If yes, the organization can save some costs. If not, the organization will have to further invest in getting commercial software to operate and communicate with their existing infrastructure.
  • Businesses that own software is able to license or sell it to other organizations.
  • By developing custom software, organizations can save costs, and avoid price hikes for licensing, and support.
  • Organizations can also save costs by avoiding price hikes in case a vendor terminates a product/software.

Use Cases Custom Software Development

  • Open-source software source code like Linux enhances development productivity due to component reuse and interoperability
  • Cloud-based software development brings the best features of cloud computing to software to control costs and speeds up applications.
  • Artificial Intelligence(AI), and Machine Learning(ML), into applications through APIs and services from the cloud.
  • Open source hyper ledger technology (Blockchain), into the applications to accelerate business processes.
  • Low Code techniques, to reduce the need for coding and enable developers to create applications at a low cost.
  • Analytics is helping users to handle big data through dashboards, predictive capabilities, and visualizations.
  • AI and cloud computing ease the incorporation of analytics into the applications.

Conclusive: How to make custom software development effective?

  • Do they actually need a custom application?
  • Is a software solution already available that serves their needs or the needs of their customers? Will they be able to support and automate it periodically?
  • Will they be able to handle information and data specific to the industry that it caters to?
  • Will it facilitate integration with legacy software applications?
  • Will it replace or consolidate with existing applications?
  • Will a replacement enhance productivity?
  • Will their CSD enable new opportunities or improve competitive advantage?
  • Will it scale up and adapt to the changing requirements?



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