How to Use Blockchain Technology in Web Development

Ryan Miller
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Blockchain is one of the most secure technologies invented to power up the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. However, these days blockchain is not only powering cryptocurrencies but also expanding its footsteps in other sectors such as transportation, banking & finance, mobile app development, web development, and so on.

Today in this blog, we are going to talk about how to use blockchain technology in web development. If you are a web developer, web development company, or a person who wants to leverage the great capabilities of blockchain technology in web development projects, this blog will provide great help to you.

Now, let’s cut the crap aside and start discussing blockchain technology in web development.

Blockchain Technology in Web Development

The integration of blockchain technology into web development projects has proven to reward businesses with productive and influential communities.

Many large businesses are considering using blockchain technology to cater to the ever-changing demands of the business without losing control over privacy & security. You can also include blockchain technology in web development projects to cater to the specific needs of the businesses with the help of a reliable blockchain development company.

Cloud service providers can help you build the backend of the web application to ensure to carry out your business operations securely.

Businesses dealing with payments, wallets, and other sensitive information are the best use case of blockchain technology. It is completely impossible to temper the information stored on blockchain technology.

Benefits of Using Blockchain in Web Development

Removal of Single Point of Error

Instead of relying upon the server, blockchain is decentralized which means it distributes the information on the computer’s network. The decentralized nature of blockchain technology reduces downtime and is less prone to errors.


When it comes to security, there is no alternative to blockchain technology so far. Blockchain technology governed by the consensus algorithm which makes it completely impossible for hackers to break into the system.

Offers Best Control to Users

As said before, blockchain stores the information on the network rather than on the central server. This architecture of blockchain makes the information readily available to all the users who have authorization.

Immutable Records

Once the information stores on the blockchain, no matter how hard anyone tries won’t be able to alter the records. Also, the record cannot be deleted until all the persons involved in the transactions are allowed to do so. While in the case of traditional days of the system, unauthorize access to the server of web applications leads to access to information that can be further edited, deleted, or updated according to the need of the hacker.

No Intermediaries

Whenever we share a piece of information on a website, how does it reach its receipt? First, it goes to the centralized server, and transfer to the receipt party. However, in the case of blockchain technology, there is no need for intermediaries i.e. servers.

How to Use Blockchain Technology in Web Development?

There are a few blockchain web development tools for top web developers to build applications on blockchain technology:

1. Mist

The primary use case of mist is to store Ether, send transactions and implement the smart contracts. Mist also use for developing the DApps in the Ethereum blockchain in addition to web development.

Mist is one of the most effective web development tools to allow developers to develop websites on the block. In Mist the creation of the smart contracts will require a certain amount of Ether.

2. Solc

Solc is a platform-independent javascript library whose primary use case is to compile the C++ source code into Emscripten,

It is the abbreviation of Solidity compiler which is emerging as the right choice of programming language to develop web applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

Another benefit of the Solc blockchain web development project is that solc.compile doesn’t depend on any external node.

3. Blockchain Testnet

If you are a blockchain developer, then you might have heard the name Blockchain Testnet? This is one of the most usable blockchain development tools that is use to develop DApp on Ethereum and a variety of other blockchain development platforms.

4. Smart Contracts

When you think of blockchain web development, a smart contract is a thing you have to work on to define the workability of your web applications. Smart contracts serve as an important tool that defines how your developed website will work on blockchain.

5. Network Architecture

In a blockchain system information is not stored in a single place rather than it is distributed among multiple computers. So while working on this technology, you have to work on creating a system that efficiently works through multiple systems.

Final Take

Combining blockchain technology into a web development project is a challenging thing to do. Having the assistance of blockchain development companies will ease your journey and lead you towards unlocking the best result for your project. You should hire a web development company in India that also holds proficiency in blockchain technology to make sure a professional team works on your project and delivers you the result you want.

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