How to Build eCommerce Apps like Temu?

Ryan Miller
10 min readFeb 20, 2024

eCommerce is projected to grow to US$3647Bn by 2024 in the marketplace. This mass growth of the eCommerce market won’t stop anywhere and at any time.

This blog focuses on one revolutionary product in the marketplace called “Temu”, which sells home living products, and all other essentials at affordable rates. The major USP of Temu which grabs attention from consumers is its “Low Prices.”

The demand for apps like Temu is continuously surging in the market. Therefore, entrepreneurs are showcasing interest in building such eCommerce apps with some unique custom features for vast engagement.

Before any interested entrepreneur steps into eCommerce app development, go through the blog and learn some important things about Temu. This is an example-setting blog; which reflects the market response, working process, monetization process, and other things of Temu to let the decision makers understand what they are about to do, how they should process the business, and what’s needed to eliminate.

Let’s read altogether and establish a user-centric yet profitable business sooner.

Temu Growth and Market Stats

Here are some interesting facts about Temu, which help the readers better understand:

  • After the launch of Temu in September 2022, it has become the top-ranked and #No1 eCommerce application in the US App Store with 4.6 Star in the App Store and 4.7 Star on PlayStore.
  • Between 1 January 2024 to 22 January 2024; Temu was downloaded over 31 Million Times
  • The monthly GMV of Temu in September 2022 was $3 Million (estimated), which has increased to $192 Million by January 2023.
  • Till the first half of 2023, it has reached nearly $3 Billion with a yearly revenue estimation of $6 Billion
  • The parent company of Temu named “Pinduoduo” generated nearly equivalent revenue of US$19 Billion in 2022.
  • Temu has generated more than US$1.5 Billion In the first 5 months of 2023

This rising demand and profitable stats prove that hiring professional eCommerce app development companies is best for now to build such robust applications. Businesses can opt for more & more profits with efficient and eye-grabbing online shopping apps targeting vast audiences.

What is Temu?

Temu is yet another eCommerce platform, where consumers can get clothes, home appliances, fashion products, home products, and other essentials. It is the platform where you can find almost 250+ categories of products, which means it is an overall platform for all shopping needs.

It is a platform just like other eCommerce ones, but the reason behind its success is its “Commitment to Affordability.” The name “Temu” itself means “Team Up and Price Down.” This online shopping center launched in September 2022 and gained a huge user base, and still the counts are increasing. It offers a convenient and seamless shopping experience to customers in different countries and regions; such as Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Mexico, etc.

Additionally, there is a shipping feature accessible to almost every product you buy from Temu along with a 15-day return policy. These interesting features in Temu are engaging such a vast audience.

List of Apps like Temu Alternatives

Undoubtedly it is important to learn about some gross-profiting apps before stepping in for your own product development. At the same time, it is significant to go through other alternatives for better understanding and gaining more market knowledge. So here are some Temu alternatives mentioned below. Study them well:


AliExpress is a global platform for all small-scale ventures to sell their products to consumers. This platform is based in China and uses a dropshipping business model allowing eCommerce companies to source their products into the marketplace at wholesale rates. AliExpress is a great alternative to apps like eBay and Amazon.
There are certain reasons, which proves why AliExpress is renowned in the market:

  • Aliexpress has a cheaper inventory. Moreover, it can sell you some products at $0.01
  • They have a very low start-up cost, which does not charge extra dropshipping costs.
  • There is an extensive product range available with almost all essential categories.
  • It provides free shipping on almost every purchase.

Shein is a fashion-based eCommerce platform with inexpensive products, promos, and quicker shipping. This platform provides a range of products; such as accessories, clothes, and home decor items. The main USP of Shein is to provide affordable clothing in good quality across the globe. It is a legitimate platform that ensures customer product and payment safety. On the contrary, some reviews on Google reported that, sometimes Shein disappoints its customers with its later product delivery.

Global Sources

Global Sources is a Hong Kong-based B2B company that specializes in supplying high-quality products via both online and offline channels and storefronts. The company provides an online marketplace platform that allows buyers and sellers to conduct direct trades.

It is a prominent e-commerce site for shoppers all around the world. Registered, China-based retailers provide products in more than 30 categories. Global Sources’ app and website both have numerous filters that allow users to tailor their search to their own needs and tastes.

Global Sources, a popular software comparable to Temu, enables you to search and source from a wide range of Chinese and worldwide B2B wholesale suppliers and manufacturers all in one place.

Etsy is a great online marketplace that is renowned for selling handmade, unique, and vintage products. It is like other great shopping apps like Temu, which claims to deliver great quality products; such as jewelry, home decor, clothing, and craft supplies. This platform gained vast attraction from global consumers due to its product’s uniqueness, because the consumers will find uniqueness here which is not available on other eCommerce platforms.

Here are some quick great features of Etsy; such as:

There are countless entrepreneurs, who are looking forward to building apps like Wish with some new, unique, and custom features. It is your go-to online shopping hub, where consumers will retain customers with its products at discounted prices. Also, this is a full regular-essential selling platform, where you can find clothing, home decor, accessories, gadgets, beauty products, fashion, styling, etc. This platform has received over 90 million active users by a time, but unfortunately, the competitors are beating it very speedily.

  • The returns are acceptable within 30 days from the date of delivery.
  • Some products are available at $1 also.
  • It takes nearly 15–45 days for the product to be delivered, which can be a drawback also.
  • Wish offers stamps to its customers every day, and 7 stamps can offer a 50% discount on your purchase.

eBay does not require much introduction, because it is also one of the fastest-growing eCommerce apps in the marketplace. eBay reported a net profit margin of 26.99% on September 30, 2023. There are lots of entrepreneur minds, who are connecting with mobile app development companies to build such applications to represent a strong business establishment in the market.

Here are some key facts about eBay; like:

This big-box retail behemoth sells about anything you could need, from electronics to clothing to home items, and more, all under one roof. Whether you shop on Walmart’s website or in-store, you may save time and effort by buying everything you need at once.

Walmart’s commitment to providing reasonably priced goods is unparalleled. The retailer’s frequent discounts and everyday cheap prices enable customers to get amazing deals.

  • Consumers can return their purchased items within 90 days for free.
  • The frequent consumers of Walmart get access to “Walmart+”, which enables them to get products at free shipping and also get other perks

Overstock is an online retailer that sells surplus and returned products at reduced costs. It sells a variety of items, including furniture, decor, rugs, bedding, and more.

Overstock’s devotion to customer service, paired with its extensive product selection and affordable pricing, makes it a viable option for Temu for home products.

If you want to save money on popular brands like Levi’s, Champion, and Calvin Klein, you should check out Zulily. The retailer’s website features a wide range of products, including clothing, accessories, home decor, gadgets, and more.
Zulily’s shipping is a little unusual. When you place an order, Zulily normally waits a few days to send a single bulk order. Due to this distribution approach, you will not receive your merchandise right away. Zulily orders normally take at least eight days to receive.

Banggood is a Chinese online shop that sells a wide variety of products, including electronics, apparel, household goods, and toys. It is well-known for its reasonable rates and vast product range, making it a popular pick among apps similar to Temu.

Banggood provides free international shipping on a variety of items. However, like with any foreign merchant, shipping timeframes may be greater than those for domestic platforms.

How Shopping Apps Like Temu Make Money?

It seems tough to monetize apps like Temu, but the fact is the opposite. Temu works with a very streamlined and smooth business model, which enables monetization smoothly:


Well, most of the eCommerce platforms monetize themselves with advertising. Temu follows the same process, where third-party brands and businesses can tie up with Temu and advertise their products & services through the platform. In exchange for advertising, Temu will ask for a certain amount as its advertising fees. It is a very basic and common way of monetization, which is profitable yet very simple though.

Lower Product Prices is its Money making Source

The major reason why people use Temu is its lower product prices. Temu has good quality products that sell at a very affordable cost; which is the reason for its vast user-attraction. If Temu Shopping App increases its prices; then people will stop using applications leading to a reduction in sales and profits altogether.

Vast Range of Products

Temu has a vast range of products. Almost 250+ category products are available on Temu, which makes users choose this platform. The variety it serves is the reason why it has such a huge targeted audience with vast engagement. So this is the reason behind Temu being on the priority list of consumers to improve its monetization process alone.

Subscription Plans

No wonder that subscription plans are the mainstream of revenue generation for any application. The same goes with Temu, which renders exclusive offers, special discounts, and more loyalty programs to consumers in its subscription plan. Temu has everything that a consumer needs at an affordable budget, therefore people prefer taking its subscription plan too.

Commission Monetization

Commission is a great money-making source for eCommerce platforms. Temu is also working on commissions, even after selling all the products at much more affordable rates. This platform is making use of the “Commission Business Model” very dynamically, where it does not make huge money through commission, but a little sum from traders and customers together could be beneficial.

How to Build an App Like Temu?

There are many eCommerce development companies, which have been asked by many entrepreneurs to build mobile applications just like Temu. The development process includes some crucial steps. Following every step wisely will help in creating an outstanding mobile app bringing the desired outcome.

Conceptualization of Project

When you are about to build apps like AliExpress or Temu, it is very important at first to conceptualize the project. The development companies learn about what the clients are asking, what their ideologies are, how the project will be executed, what features must be integrated, etc. Most importantly, the developers will co̧nduct deep market research to understand what competitors are doing, and what extras we should add on. An in-depth and vast research is what we require for building a robust application, so that’s the first step we execute.

Design User-Interface UX/UI

It is the moment to design UX/UI. The developers will add design elements, some animations, navigation, designing components, etc. This stage is going to enhance user experience and engagement for the users. However, when you hire app developers; it is better to take suggestions and discuss the designs, animation, and other elements to make the application better.

Mobile App Development

During the process of building apps like Wish and Temu, here comes development after designing. The developers will write codes, add features, and set up front-end and back-end development in the development phase. The product will be built in the development.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Once the product is developed, now the mobile app will undergo testing and quality assurance. In the testing and quality assurance, the testers will check for bugs, eliminate the technical glitches, add on required features, and cross-check the entire application ensuring that the product is absolutely fine to the work process.

Deployment After Product is Quality Ensured

Once the product is developed and eliminated with all the bugs and completely ready; now it is the moment to deploy the product. Launch your personalized apps like Temu on the dedicated platform; call it be iOS App Store, Android Google Play Store, or cross platforms.

Post Deployment Services

When the mobile application is deployed, then the developers will provide post-development services. In the post-deployment services; the developers will check how the app is responding in the marketplace, what features are not required, what are the other features to integrate, and more identifications of the app from the market after deployment.

How ITFirms Can Help in Building Apps Like Temu?

ITFirms is your one-stop platform, from where entrepreneurs can look forward to different mobile app development companies. This platform has authentic and top-tier development companies registered, so the users will get in touch with the best developers or companies to build apps like Temu.

We research in-depth, analyze well, and figure out the best eCommerce development companies to build robust applications with uniqueness and engagement based on current market standards. Connect with us to find the best solutions by hiring the excellent app developers:

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There are many entrepreneurs, who are looking to build apps like Temu. When it comes to developing an application, we suggest the readers gain information and knowledge about other similar eCommerce apps like Shein, Wish, eBay, Etsy, and more. We hope that the information briefed above is fair enough to make our readers understand concepts easily and get their best application developed for a great business venture.

What makes “Temu” a unique eCommerce app?

Temu is a unique and very engaging eCommerce shopping app; that is popular because of its discounted value on products. This application is renowned for its good quality products, which are available at even below wholesale prices.

How much does it cost to build an app like Temu or other eCommerce apps?

To build an app like Temu, it will cost you $10000-$30000 initially. If the clients demand extra features, some customization, and other factors; the eCommerce app development cost may rise to $50000 or more.

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