Getting the Most Out of Node.js

Node.Js offers a Range of Development Solutions

  • NodeJS API Development and Integration — It involves developing an API using REST API. Further integrating these APIs to make useful resources accessible with suitable modifications.
  • CMS Web Development — It includes a content management system inclusive of features and attributes customized with the business requirements.
  • Maintenance and Support — To offer maintenance and support to customers post-sale.
  • Plugin Development — Extending Node.JS capabilities of web apps, e-stores, and portals with Node.js plugin development services.
  • Node.js Web App Development — Developing lightweight, and effective portals, data analytical systems, e-stores and other web applications.
  • Custom Node.js Application Development — Delivering scalable and secure applications in alignment with the latest trends and standards for the best experience.

Understanding How Node.js Helps in developing Web Applications

Device Compatibility with NodeJS

Node.js Alternatives

What to expect from Node.js development companies?

  • Integrating Node with Docker, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.
  • Get Node.js development, integration, upgrading, deployment.
  • Experient developers with an understanding of asynchronous non-blocking code execution
  • Expertise with NPM, NVM, and follow Node best practices
  • Skilled with Express,, Hapi, MongoDB, Ladash, Redis, etc.

How are frameworks helpful in Node.js development?

Popular Frameworks that Assist in Node.js Development

What benefits do Node.js development companies get by using frameworks?

  • Behavior configuration
  • Monitoring
  • Source map support
  • Watch & reload
  • Container integration
  • Hot reload
  • Max memory reload
  • Deployment workflow
  • Development workflow
  • Startup scripts
  • Key metrics monitoring
  • Cluster mode
  • Log management
  • PaaS-compatible

Benefits of Node.js Development

  • GraphQL Deployment — A client can request data from the server by using GraphQL query language. The server sends a JSON response to the query. It is the best alternative to REST API.
  • MEAN and MERN Stack — MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.JS) and MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.JS) are being used to develop open-source web and app development frameworks that enable a developer in creating complex applications and frontend web apps.
  • Real-Time Features/Apps — Node.js is inclusive of live chats, social media integration, ad servers, gamification, stock exchange features.
  • It is streamlined on server-less architecture that decreases overall project cost, high code quality, low module cost, and better flexibility.
  • Additionally, emerging technologies like IoT can be best expressed with all micro-services, real-time capabilities, and data-centric approaches brought forth by It.
  • More app features that can be easily developed and integrated with Node.js are:
  • Video conference apps
  • Document sharing apps
  • Voice over Internet Protocol
  • Online gaming
  • E-commerce transactions like stockbroking
  • Instant messaging apps
  • Nodejs offers writing clearer, and reusable code, high-level constructs like interceptors, filters, and pipes.
  • It enables us to write scalable, testable, and loosely packed applications.

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