Flutter App Development — Why You Should Choose Flutter

Ryan Miller
5 min readSep 29, 2023

Here’s a gist of Flutter’s growing list of advantages that make it desirable option for app development across platforms!

Flutter streamlines the app development process by offering a consistent user interface across platforms, reducing the need to maintain separate codebases for different platforms. This saves time and resources for development teams. Flutter’s support for creating beautiul, smooth UI’s has made it popular among developers and designers alike.

Its versatility in targeting multiple platforms also positions Flutter as a tool to address cross-platform development challenges. Its community is growing rapidly, contributing to its continued relevance in app development space. Flutter’s architecture combines SDK library and proficient UI and UX with right navigation, scrolling, icons, and fonts to deliver native performance on mobile platforms.

Flutter is an open source user interface SDK by Google. It enables developer building natively compiled applications for Mobile, Web, Desktop, MacOS from a single codebase. It is used for creating cross-platform applications, especially single page applications, rendering native code on each platform, creating native like faster applications, with lower development costs.

Flutter facilitates development across platforms. Same code can be used on multiple platforms. Making use of hot reloading, it propels programming. It features custom widgets, fast and efficient testing, and offers (1) Flutter time to market, (2) Overall app performance, (3) The efficiency of mobile applications, (4) a Seamless app design experience, and (5) Automation of testing.

Flutter has been there for quite some time, but is still in high demand. Businesses of all size and capacity are making use of Flutter in application development Companies like BMW, Google Pay, Google Ads, New York Times, Abbey Road Solutions, Alibaba Group, Beike, BMW, Google Pay, ByteDance, CrowdSource, Dream11, eBay, Hamilton, iRobot, 4 Pics 1 Word, NUbank, Patch Me: Eye Patch Tracking, Push, QuintoAndar, Reflectly, Rive, Robert Felker: generative Art, US Department of Veterans Affairs, Sua Musica, Supernova and many more. Flutter development companies that offer related services upgrade Flutter Applications to ensure minimum downtime.

Why is Flutter preferred for app/web development?

Flutter allows creating apps by using a unique code for diifferent platforms:

● Faster results

● Lower development cost

● Fewer developers required

● Faster rendering time

● High quality platform specific UI

● Ability to create complex 3D animations that work faster

● Supports many platforms

When is Flutter favorable for web app development?

Flutter apps are cheaper, cost effective, faster, and high in demand. It is suitable for enterprise level applications due to its performance, flexibility, and the ability to create visually appealing user interfaces which makes it a viable choice for creating complex and scalable applications for businesses of all sizes.

It enjoys a large community of developers, a lot of widget categories that can be customized, with DART programming language. It is easy to learn, and start with and has the most appealing UI widgets that adhere to important web app design standards.

Flutter widget categories include accessibility, animation and motions, assets images and icons, Async, Basics, Cupertino, Input, Interaction Models, Layout, Material Components, Painting and Effects, Scrolling, Styling, and Text.

Why should you prefer Flutter over competitive hybrid app development frameworks?

Flutter uses DART programming language and compiles to native ARM codes that result in high performance and seamless animations. It provides single codebase for both IOS and Android apps, ensuring conistent UI and behaviour across platforms. Its Hot reloading feature enables developers to quickly analyze the effects of code changes without restarting the app, which can significantly speed up development. Flutter also offers wide range of customizable and rich widgets that help in creating complex and beautiful user interfaces. It allows custom UI designs and animations, giving developers more creative freedom.

Being open-source, Flutter has an active and growing community that contributes in development, provides resources, and shares knowledge. It offers native-like integrations with device features like camera, microphone, GPS, Gallery, Storage, sensors, without relying on web views and third party plugins. It controls its own rendering, so it can provide consistent behaviour across different devices and OS versions. Lastly, its comprehensive docuemntation and resources makes its easier for developers to troubleshoot, find and rectify errors.

Which type of applications can be empowered with Flutter?

● Chat applications

● Push notifications

● Animations

● Dark/Light Mode settings

Are there any challenges with Flutter App Development?

Flutter isn’t perfect and is puffed up with a few setbacks. It still faces some compatibility issues on various platforms. It can be time consuming and difficult to work around but developers are trying to reach there. It results in large and weighty apps as the toolkit may find it difficult to work with large files. Less popularity of DART as compared to Java and Kotlin, problems with iOS in some cases and its limited third party libraries make it difficult to be used for app development.

To Summarize

Flutter hold the capacity to transform the app development process. It is being used by Flutter app development companies to build, test, and deploy beautiful interactive user interfaces for web, desktop, and mobile platforms, all with a single codebase. Therefore, the type of application is not a constraint. It is evolving and is increasingly being used to curate complex interfaces. The advantages of Flutter include:

● Single codebase for all platforms

● Reduced development time

● Increased time to market speed

● Native like performance

● Powerful community

● Own rendering engine

● Hot Reloading

● DART programming language

● Excellent documentation and community support

● Strong industry adoption

● Material Design and Cupertino widgets

But its not all good, Flutter apps are not lightweight. Not every one is proficient in DART programming language. Flutter has limited number of third party libraries. As a new toolkit it is still adopting to the changes in the environment, and is implementing improvements but it is a fast and cost-efficient alternative to native app development.

Top mobile app development companies use Flutter as it enables developers to build high quality, cross platform applications for iOS, Android, and Web Platforms with a single codebase. It has arich set of pre defined widgets, is reactive and has fast rendering engine that makes it an efficient choice for mobile app development.