Best File Sync Software In 2022

Features for Primary Selection Criteria

  • Real-time synchronization
  • Synchronization scheduling
  • Two-way synchronization
  • Conflict Detection
  • Activity Log
  • Remote Synchronization
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
  • Backup and Restore

Best File Sync Software In 2022

  • The basic plan comes with secure mobile editing and PDF annotation. Users can also select public cloud storage locations and get real-time document versioning and backup.
  • The business plan comes with additional features for collaboration and group user controls for file sharing.
  • Enterprise Plan offers AD integration and single-sign-on, MDM (mobile device management) integration, remote wipe for any user device.

Few Other Top File Sync Software In 2022

  • To compare multiple files at the same time
  • To manage file versions
  • To the main history of updated or deleted files
  • To copy locked files
  • To detect any file conflicts
  • To enable case-sensitive synchronization
  • To include or exclude files using filters
  • To include localized interfaces in 30+ languages
  • It offers one-way and two-way synchronization.
  • It includes customizable synchronization modes
  • It can sync unlimited files and folders
  • Users get to schedule synchronization tasks
  • It involves filters to exclude/include files/folders while synchronizing
  • Apart from Windows, macOS, Linux, it works on every modern operating system currently available
  • It includes advanced logging and reporting facilities
  • It enables advanced search, browsing and moving files.
  • It allows dragging and dropping to and from the browser (upload/download)
  • It allows browsing large folder structures efficiently
  • It allows synchronizing, storing data with high-end security on your computers.
  • It works across platforms.
  • It identifies every node via a cryptographic certificate.
  • It allows team collaboration from remote locations.
  • It is built according to business logic.
  • It can be deployed on servers depending on your requirements.
  • Flexible storage plans
  • File and version recovery
  • Team folder manager
  • Dropbox Transfer
  • Automated folders
  • Remote wipe
  • Link permissions
  • Smart Sync
  • Admin console
  • Dropbox Paper
  • Third-party app integrations
  • Live support
  • Chat
  • Team pages
  • Tasks
  • Calendar
  • Working with other people (ETMs)
  • Collaborative Editing
  • File Sharing
  • Integrations

In Conclusion: Selecting Free File Sync Software



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