Benefits of Hiring Top android App Developers in India

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Here are some of the advantages that Android App Developers bring to the table and the reasons that you’re looking to add to your company’s mobile app development efforts!

Android is the most used operating system owing to the budget smartphones, easy accessibility, and high demand. The availability never runs short of demand, rather, it increases with surging innovations, mobile networks, and customer demand.

Here are some applications specific to Android Phones, and are not available for iOS devices till date: (8) Nova Launcher, (7) Tasker), (6) Files by Google, (5) Sleep as Android, (4) Poweramp Music Player, (3) Parallel App, (2) F-Droid, (1) Action Blocks (just to name a few).

While these apps do not constitute a whole lot, and might just suffice a sub-section of the entire gamut of mobile applications on Play Store, but exclusivity is a luxurious feeling to have.

Android offers that with lots of options. A little bit search makes it easier for you to find just about anything on Play Store, including Android Apps that can change the way you use your smartphone.

How does Android App Development market look like?

  • The mobile app markets will grow to $935 billion in revenue in 2023. Google Play swelled a revenue of $42.3 billion from apps and games in 2022. (
  • The mobile app revenue will reach $613 billion by 2025.
  • The global in-app advertising revenues will rise from 47%, rising from $306-billion in 2023 to an approximate estimate of $451-billion in 2027. (
  • Overall digital spend is going to reach 71.4% by the end of 2023 (

Global Revenue of Mobile Apps 2019–2025 (in million US Dollars) — (Segment -Wise)

Who is an Android Developer and what are their responsibilities?

An Android Developer is responsible for developing Android Applications. It could range from simple (one page) to complex (multi-page and multi-level), but will involve designing, unit testing, bug fixing and improving application performance.

What necessary skills should an Android Developer have?

This is an illustrative list (the actual factors can be intrinsic and intrusive):

  • Android foundations
  • Android interactivity
  • Android UI
  • Implementing Navigation
  • Android Testing
  • Working with data
  • Notifications
  • Firebase on Android
  • Android security
  • Git: Version control system

What should an Android Developer know?

Going forward here is a list of essentials that top android developers follow (should know):

  • They must be aware of Java, Kotlin, Flutter (An internship is good to have, and a certification from online classes or regular university degree is great).
  • They must be aware of Android Fundamentals (Android UI design), Android libraries and frameworks, image loading libraries (Glide/Picasso), video loading libraries (ExoPlayer), networking libraries (Retrofit), Dependency injection libraries (Hilt), Reactive libraries (Coroutine/RxJava), database libraries (Room), JetPack libraries (JetPack), Firebase libraries (Firebase).
  • They should be able to develop simple apps (one page) to complex ones (social media or a multi-player game).
  • They should be able to implement mobile app optimization and best practices.
  • An Android Developer must be aware of testing and debugging tools.
  • Additionally, the field of Android development is constantly evolving, so it is important to practice new technologies and stay up to date.

Why choose the Android platform for app development?

Besides being the most popular mobile platform in the world, Android activates over 2 billion devices across the world which is more than any other operating system. Why is Android popular? Because of larger user base, easy availability of compatible devices, open source platform, wide range of devices, Google Play Store, Cost-effective, Customizable, Integration with Google Services. Selecting Android App Development Services can be useful for businesses looking for Android App development. It is directly proportional to developing cost-effective apps, and leveraging the overall benefits of open-source platform.

Moreover, Android App Development is an investment into the future for independent developers and businesses. The reasons in support include: growing market for Android smartphones, easy accessibility, budget friendly options, and attractive offers, ease of use, large user base, and tremendous revenue potential. Android app users are accustomed to in-app purchases, advertising and subscriptions. Additionally, Google Play Store has a large user base and offers many options to monetize the app for android developers.

What to expect from Android App Development Services?

While working with Top Android App Development Company you may expect services like consultation, design and development, testing and quality assurance, deployment and release, and post launch support.

What are the top benefits of hiring top Android app developers in India?

A mobile app development company needs to Hire Top Android Developers in India so that they are able to access a vast talent pool. Android app companies can leverage their skills and expertise as they are well versed in latest technologies, programming languages and frameworks, ensuring that the app is developed with accuracy and expertise.

Secondly, you can hire a dedicated Android Developer at a lower cost without compromising on the cost. Although this is not certain everytime, but you can always consult best app development agencies to discuss your project requirements and get a competitive quote.

Thirdly, companies get access to enormous domain expertise and experience that can help the business with developing diverse applications. Various developers are well-versed in creating user-friendly interfaces, integrate various API’s, implement complex functionalities, and third-party services. There are many top app development companies that bring in their years of experience in the industry. They deliver high quality apps to meet every business requirements and exceed user expectations. Once you get associated with best app developer in India, trust their expertise to bring your app vision to life and create a seamless user experience.

Fourthly, every project has a timeline and budget restrictions. And businesses need to abide by their rules and dedicate their efforts to ensure that expectations are met. Once they hire top android developers, they get the flexibility to adopt Agile methodology, implment early feedback, go back and make modifications, get fulltime or part time assistance on pending tasks, extend an old application, or start something from scratch. This makes them accomodate specific needs and ensures seamless collaboration throughout the stages of software development lifecycle.

Fifthly, developers with clear, and precise communication, and adaptability to time zones of the clients makes the app development company stand out from the rest, and also offers a competitive advantage to the clients. Hiring a skilled developer could mean various things — vast talent, domain expertise, experience, cost-effectiveness, timely delivery, effective communication, etc. Such advantages make it a wise decision for businesses looking to develop high-quality Android Applications while optimizing costs. Reach out to the best IT Company to discuss your Android App Development India needs and partner up with them for mobile app success.

Cost Estimation of Android App Development

The average cot to develop an android app ranges from $25,000 to $1,50,000 and can even go as high as $3,00,000, in case of complex app like games and social media applications. ( The cost to create an Android App depends upon the time required and features to be implemented. It commixes UI/UX design, platform wise app development hours, backend server hours, hourly rate of developers. Overall, Mobile app development cost depends upon mobile app complexity, mobile app category, animation and design of app, app features and functionality, app maintenance, code reuse, size and location of app development team, and app platform.

Cost of App Development Based on Popular Categories

  • Cost to develop a simple app — $5,000 — $32,000 (approximately) + Time to develop: 1–1.5 months
  • Cost to develop an app of medium complexity — $30,000 — $1,00,000 (approximately) + Time to develop: upto 2 months
  • Cost to develop an app of high complexity — Upto $1,50,000 + Time to develop: 4–5 months.

Cost of App Development based on App Design

The overall approximate cost to design a mobile/web app varies between $3000 — $30000 owing to the features, functionality, and complexity of simple, average-medium, and complex application. App design cost development will be a combination of user interface design, user experience design, business needs that affect the design like the minimal viable product or the prototype, App design also depends upon the fact that you wish to modify existing design or need to create a new one. Other factors that affect app design include technical complexity, device, operating system, customized design, user interface and user experience design, and the location of app development.

Additionally, the app design process includes conducting market research, studying competitors, interviewing users and stakeholders, shaping proto persona, creating customer journey map, creating value proposition canvas, prototyping wireframes, and testing them.

Other factors include app’s technical complexity. A simple app requires less time and money resources because it does not require a database, or social media integration. More complex applications require database according to specific user roles — customer, administrator, buyer, seller, store and likewise. Also, implementing features like one-click answering systems for push notifications, tracking orders, and credit card payments.

For cross platform app with varying complexities, developers need to implement design in accordance to frameworks. More advancements means more customized elements including illustrations, animation, branding and larger investments.

Cost to Hire Android App Developers (type of team)

Here is an estimate on the time and cost charged by mobile app developers for Android app development. The roles may vary according to their responsibilities. The overall cost of app development is inclusive of cost to hire developers plus client’s goals and needs, complexity of the project, scope of work, and time and money evaluation of the project.
Cost to hire an in-house team is $36,000, cost to hire a local design agency is $48,000, cost to hire an outsourcing agency is $12,000, and cost to hire freelancers is $6000 (Source:

Cost to Hire Android Developers from various Geographical Location

Hourly rate that app designers charge in USA/Canada is $150–200/hour; Western Europe is $60–100/hour; Eastern Europe is $35–60/hour; India are $10–80/hour. (

There could be several hidden decisive factors like quality assurance, Infrastructure costs, IT support costs, App publishing costs, and App security.

What are the Best Reasons to Hire Android App Developers from India?

Mobile app development companies in India go through progressive stages of app development like researching their target market, choosing the right platform, hiring android developers building MVP, testing their app, submitting it to the app stores, and launching and tracking the performance. They make use of advertising, freemium services, subscription, and sponsorship, to make money.

Plus, they align various operations to reduce the mobile app development cost like involving QA at every step, implementing important features, and hiring right resource (in house or outsourcing).

Key Takeaways

A successful Android Developer requires dedication, continuous learning, and a lot of hard work. Technology keeps evolving and trends keep changing. Companies shift their operations and teams are often shuffled, but resilience and persistence are always the key cornerstones to stay competitive in the market.

An expert Android develop should specialize in building and launching the most innovative and scalable app with functionalities and features for next generation. Indian app developers are competitive, highly adaptable, and cost-effective. You may choose to go with an app development company in India for more than one reasons. Stay tuned for more!

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