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What is Lime?

As said beforehand, Lime is the largest electric vehicle company that offers convenient, reliable, and affordable electric scooter and bike rentals.

How the Demand for E Scooter Sharing Apps is Rising?

E-scooter app development requires a hefty budget, thus it is essential to acknowledge the market trends to ensure you have ample opportunities to grow in the future.

  • There have been around 84 million e-scooter-sharing rides alone in the USA according to a report published in Nacto Study in 2018.
  • Another report proposed by Bird shared that there will have been 136 million scooter rides in the year 2019, nearly double the previous year.
  • With a compound annual growth rate of 13.31%, the scooter market is projected to reach US$2,888.00m by 2026.

Must-Have Features of E Scooter App Development like Lime

Electric scooter-sharing apps like lime usually have two versions: user panel and admin panel. Each of these panels comes with a different set of features.

User Panel Feature of Electric Scooter App

1. Registration

Admin Panel Features of Electric Scooter App

1. User Management

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an E Scooter App?

Before having an idea of how much it costs to develop an e-scooter app could lead you to disastrous results. Now as you have all the basic information regarding the e scooter app development, the next thing you think you need to know is cost.

Wrapping Up

The electric scooter market is increasing and creating inspiring revenue opportunities for entrepreneurs. The market is still in the growing stage and there is plenty of room for innovative solutions. All you have to do is partner with the right e scooter app development company and see your vision turning into a million-billion dollar worthy startup. If you are looking to recommend mobile app development companies in India, you can consider checking out ITfirms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best e scooter apps in 2022?

2. Is starting an online e scooter app startup a profitable business venture in 2022?

Online e scooter app market revenue is expected to reach US$2,888.00m by the year 2022. In the wake of the continuous growth of such startups, it is safe to assume that starting an e-scooter-sharing startup is a profitable business venture in 2022.



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